How to Make a Rug With Cotton Piping

You can never have too much decoration, especially if that decoration is a handmade rug! The best part about making your own rug is that you get to choose the size and shape. This guide will take you through the steps needed to make a beautiful rug with cotton piping, much like the famous ones from online rugs.


Before starting the project, you’ll need a few different types of cotton. The first is off-white cotton so that your rug will blend in with the background. Flexible top cotton in white works best, or you can opt for yarn instead of cotton for a smoother finish.


As with any project, you need the perfect fabric. In this instance, we will be using three fabrics. The first is pure cotton which we will turn into piping for the rug. Next, we will be using upholstery fabric for the border. And finally, we will be using premium velvet to make the rug soft to the touch. You will need a sewing machine, and you should consider getting a top-loading machine.


Take 2–3 square pieces of cotton to be used as the backing for the rugs. Decide on which colors you want your rug to be using. (Always make sure that you check your room before going ahead with making a rug. Even the colors you choose can make it seem brighter or darker, depending on how your space looks.) Transfer your design onto the pieces of cotton. You will need to make sure that each piece is enough to cover your room.


1. Sew a section of rug along the middle of the area, right side up.

2. Place the seam allowance along the entire line for the middle of the rug, making sure to leave a small gap at the top.

3. Pin the area while pulling the threads to gather them.

4. Sew the middle section and the entire seam allowance for the entire rug length using the sewing machine.

5. Sew the middle part down in one stitch, using a large safety pin to keep the opening closed.

6. Using the fabric band, finish off the middle section to the top, and attach the whole thing with pins.


If you’ve never worked with piping, we recommend you sit down and watch a few YouTube videos to get your bearings. All you need to do is cut a small section out of your rug and use it as the base to add piping on.

Cut your piece to the size you want to add to your rug, wrap it around the base to make a small seam, cut a larger section to add to the base and smooth it down with a butter knife. Make sure you are wearing a pair of gloves.

Hollowing out an opening at the end of a rectangle is a way to attach a rug to the base of a table using cotton piping. If you’re after a very simple way to decorate your table, this is it! With the myriad of colors available, you’re bound to come up with some amazing designs.